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Photo Safari

This assignment really challenged me. I decided to do the safari at my house because I figured that there would be enough to look at. Although I got a good amount done, I still struggled with some of the pictures that required some extra creativity… which I need to work on in the future. The one I could say was the most interesting was the photo I took of the siding of our house. I was looking all around the yard to find some patterns, only to look up and realize that it was right there the whole time! Additionally, I thought it would be funny to take a photo of my mom’s plant that she has in a mug just because usually those two things aren’t put together. Overall, I definitely played it safe with most of the photos and looking back I wish I was a little more adventurous instead of so safe with the rules.

Start time.

A photo in bright light.

A photo dominated by a single color.

A photo at an unusual angle.

A photo that represents joy.

A picture of someone else’s shoe.

A photo of an interesting shadow.

A photo that shows two things that do not belong together.

A photo of a repeating pattern.

A photo that is looking into an opening to something.

End time.