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Modern Love Podcast Summary

I chose this podcast because it is relatable, and I thought it would be informational. It is such a well-produced podcast, from the soothing voice of host Anna Martin to the editing and additional music in the background. This podcast drew me in because the idea of dating and getting know people in an intimate way has transformed completely, especially with the addition of social media and the pressures of trying to fit into society. Sexual orientation has played a huge role in a lack of confidence for people in their twenties looking for love, which is one of the points Anna Martin brought up with guest Denny Agassi. Denny Agassi is a transgender woman that moved to NYC looking to hook-up with the locals and live out her Carrie Bradshaw era.

One of the struggles that Denny Agassi struggled with was that people were embarrassed about using apps to find people in the area to meet up with because they were ashamed of their sexuality. She said that many of the guys would have a black screen as their photo on the app, and would later send a selfie to ensure privacy, and so that nobody could find them on the app. While this is such an awful way for any person to feel, Denny was not bothered by the anonymity that these men had because eventually they would warm up to her and she was only looking for something casual to begin with.

However, very quickly, Denny’s opinion was changed. It was another average match made on the app, black screen and all. His name was Jack, one of the cutest matches Denny had ever had. From the short conversations and texting leading up to their initial meet up, Denny could tell he was different. Jack texted first, and upon entering her apartment for the first time, complimented her décor, inquired about personal things, and made sure that Denny felt respected and comfortable. Denny was used to the complete opposite, and she immediately had feelings for him. She said that being vulnerable with men felt illegal and that it was not accepted and could only do it in the comfortability of her own home.

Denny and Jack continued to grow closer, and someone who was so afraid to be vulnerable was experiencing a true love. This is where the story took an unfortunate turn. Jack slowly phased Denny out, texting only but weeks and months at a time. Denny was officially ghosted.

Being ghosted is the worst feeling ever… no matter who you are or what the situation was. But, Denny really changed my perspective on the idea of being ghosted. Rather than being upset or resenting the Jack, Denny had gratitude for Jack because of the experiences and feelings that he gave to her. I think it is important to always remember that it is ok to learn and grow, while being sad which is the biggest takeaway from this podcast.