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Making A Song

Luckily, I had practice with this one during one of the daily creates during the first week of class. I fine tuned some of the audio in the song I created named “Jackson’s Beat”. I named it after my nephew because every time he hears this song he cannot help but dance, and it makes me super happy. Whenever we are in the car together or he feels like dancing we will turn it on for him… and apparently his friends love it too!

My favorite genre of music this summer is house, which is similar to dance music. The house music vibe is what I really wanted to to capture in this song, and maybe even add it to my playlist for this summer. After fine tuning and tweaking this song, I was not able to get it exactly how I wanted it but it made me feel good that Jackson got a kick out of it. I also had to go easy on myself, because it was the first song that I had ever made.

I had a blast making the song and finding different beats to add and when to add them in, fading the beginning and end of the song, and creating the main sounds. It took me probably close to an hour to pick what instruments and beats to add, and memorize how I wanted them to go and what order they would play in. Overall, the creative process was very enjoyable and allowed me to build something of my own that was unique to me. Since I have had it on Soundcloud it has accumulated 2 likes, 2 reposts, and 18 listens, and that feels really good! I will definitely be playing around with song making in the future.