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Ira Glass Summary

Ira Glass discusses the important concepts of making and creating a story. During this video he discusses important trial and error methods, and emphasizes the importance of learning and growing, especially when reviewing old work that you have created.

What I could relate to the most was when he talked about how hard it is to come up with a creative story. Ira says, “Often the amount of time spent on the story is greater than the time it takes to produce the story”. I can agree with this statement because for me personally, it is harder to come up with all of the details for the story compared to putting it all together once the story is solidified. Another concept that Ira discussed is that a third to a half of stories get killed, meaning that they made it to the process of being produced but the vision was not brought to life. While this seems like a very deterring feeling, Ira says that it gives the creator a chance to bring something new to life. I think this is very important, because when producing something creative the process of trial and error is something that can make your work stand out.

Additionally, Ira states that it takes a while to prefect the work but to fight through that. In Part 3 of his video, he reviews one of his old stories even from when he was a professional. After listening to the story for just a minute, he has tons of corrections and critiques for himself. My biggest takeaways from this part of the video was that practice makes perfect, and even when you have it perfected there is still room for improvement. In conclusion, Ira puts emphasis on the fact that we should be ourselves, our work should be original, and to keep pushing even if your work isn’t what you had envisioned the first time around