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Intro To Video Summary

Video is something that I grew up using, and it is something that is used so much in our society today. I did not find many struggles this week because I have used many different forms of video editing applications in the past. For a few, I even used TikTok because it is what I know the best and it offers a lot of options in terms of editing, including voice changes, text, and filters. Something important that I learned this week was how vital the quality of the camerawork is in films. When sitting and watching a movie it is not typically anyones initial thought to say hmm how is this being filmed. We are usually too invested in the plot. After analyzing the iconic scene from The Shining, it was apparent that lots of time had gone into perfecting the camera work so that it portrayed the emotion that was intended. I did not find anything particularly hard this week, I think this class has helped me learn and grow in more ways than I can recognize given that this week went so smoothly. I enjoyed the freedom that the assignments for this week allowed. I felt very comfortable making and editing the videos and enjoyed every minute of it.