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Draw-It Assignment


The clock struck noon and I have just woken up from her mid-morning nap, but was still hours away from my dinner. I managed to sleep 5 hours… but that still wasn’t enough for me to feel completely rejuvenated.

I (Ivy) live a very hard life consisting of very draining bird-watching, naps, eating, and of course snuggles with my family. However, it is summer and my favorite human Kinsey is home from college! When I’m is not sleeping and snuggling with Kinsey during the day, I am monitoring her food bowl incase it drops any extra for me at any point in time.

What I love most about Kinsey is that she feels guilty that I don’t have access to food all day, and especially that I am on a diet. This means every time she passes me and I am looking at her with sad eyes next to my bowl, I’m getting extra food. This particular day however, she passed right by me! No extra food? What is happening? Maybe she didn’t see me?

Well, turns out Kinsey got yelled at during my vet trip yesterday about sticking to my diet. While everyone is so concerned about my belly hanging lower than usual… I would look to point out how stunning my coat looks and how manicured my nails look everyday! I say a win is a win. But unfortunately, I think I am going to stick to my diet especially if Kinsey says so.

It is now 5 p.m. FINALLY the food bowl chimes and my dinner drops. What a long day I have had. I prance over to my now full food bowl and crunch away. Kinsey can’t even hear me eating over the sound of my happy purrs.

“Yum (meow)”, I say as I licks up the last couple of crumbs from my dinner. After I drink some water I head upstairs to find Kinsey watching TV. Perfect! Just in time for my post-dinner nap!

The End