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Final Project

Final Summary

While some of the work we did in this class came with its frustrations, the amount of knowledge that I am leaving with makes all of the struggles worth it. With new skills in applications like Pixlr, Audacity, and even becoming more comfortable with iMovie, I have been able to learn so much that will help me in the future. What I think was the most important detail to learn is that there is a right way to be creative, and being creative and original with design is actually pretty hard. If I had to take the class over again, I think I would challenge myself a little bit more. I tried new things this in this class, but I pretty much stayed in my comfort zone for most of the projects that we were assigned. For me, the most exciting part was the first week of class. I have never built my own website and I honestly never thought that I would, but making this site and learning all of the ins and out of how to create new posts, attribute them to a certain category, add different media, and even just make it my own creatively, had to have been the most exciting part for me. Additionally, I really enjoyed the Daily Creates. I loved engaging with my classmates and getting their feedback on my random creations. I think it is fun to see what is going on in the minds of others by seeing how they would interpret the daily prompt. Overall, the skills that I have learned in this class are priceless, and the entire class was super fun and painless.

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