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Final Project

Final Summary

While some of the work we did in this class came with its frustrations, the amount of knowledge that I am leaving with makes all of the struggles worth it. With new skills in applications like Pixlr, Audacity, and even becoming more comfortable with iMovie, I have been able to learn so much that will help me in the future. What I think was the most important detail to learn is that there is a right way to be creative, and being creative and original with design is actually pretty hard. If I had to take the class over again, I think I would challenge myself a little bit more. I tried new things this in this class, but I pretty much stayed in my comfort zone for most of the projects that we were assigned. For me, the most exciting part was the first week of class. I have never built my own website and I honestly never thought that I would, but making this site and learning all of the ins and out of how to create new posts, attribute them to a certain category, add different media, and even just make it my own creatively, had to have been the most exciting part for me. Additionally, I really enjoyed the Daily Creates. I loved engaging with my classmates and getting their feedback on my random creations. I think it is fun to see what is going on in the minds of others by seeing how they would interpret the daily prompt. Overall, the skills that I have learned in this class are priceless, and the entire class was super fun and painless.

Final Project

Planning the Prom I Never Had

Hadley has had a hectic senior year between preparing for college, coming to terms with her end to high school, and having to say goodbye to all of the friends that she has made since being in the public-school system. Hadley and her best friends Evelyn and Mia were all looking forward to prom, the biggest night of senior year. The night where they could just let loose and dance and forget about all of the stressors that they had been experiencing the past couple of months. Hadley had been planning her night forever and it was just a short week away now.

Preparing for prom was the most important part. Perfecting hair, perfecting makeup, getting the perfect shoes, the perfect dress, and finding accessories to put the outfit together was on her agenda at least a month prior. The only problem was, Hadley could not afford the dress of her dreams. When her friends would go to the designer stores to pick out their dresses, Hadley would try them on and her heart would break.

Hmm… if only there was a way that Hadley could find a designer dress for a clearance price?!

When the time came, Hadley tried a new website called “Lend the Look”. Lend the Look is a website where girls can rent out designer dresses without paying the outrageous prices for something worn for only one night.

Hadley could not sleep the night before prom. Her dress was hanging up on her closet door, her makeup set out, and her alarm was set for 8 a.m. so that she could start getting ready as early as possible.

The next morning when she woke up, she sprung out of bed and ran downstairs to say hello to her family, make a bagel, and then immediately went back upstairs to shower and prepare for the night. Once out of the shower she blew dry her hair and watched a tutorial on how to get the perfect blowout. After that, she brushed her teeth, and proceeded to do her makeup. Once her makeup was done, she hopped in her dress, zipped it up, and headed downstairs. Hadley walked through the hallway for the big reveal to her family and friends, her heels clicked with every step. “WOW”, they all said in unison as they saw her for the first time.

Hadley, Mia, and Evelyn all walk outside and are greeted by the best surprise ever… A LIMO! All of the parents got together to rent one for the night so that the girls could feel extra special. As the girls piled in, the driver opened the partition and notified the girls that there was an aux cord lying in front of them and that they could play anything they wanted during the commute to The Westin.

“Could this night get any better?!”, says Hadley.

…and they were off to have the best night of their life!