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Visual Summary

Overall, I really liked this group of assignments. I was able to learn so much in such a short amount of time. My biggest takeaways definitely came from the “How To Be a Better Photographer” section, primarily because photography is something I need to work on getting better at and it provided me with very useful and valuable skills. The easiest assignment had to have been the star assignments, just because they were so enjoyable. They allowed me to be super creative and the amount of options for different topics you could pick from was nice to have. I also really liked being able to create stuff that was unique to me or was about my hobbies, interests, and just things I love in general. I think the hardest assignment for me was the photo safari, just because the creative aspect of photography is still new to me there were definitely a few of my pictures I wish I did more with. I truly don’t think anything drove me crazy during this weeks assignments, I really enjoyed them all!


Draw-It Assignment


The clock struck noon and I have just woken up from her mid-morning nap, but was still hours away from my dinner. I managed to sleep 5 hours… but that still wasn’t enough for me to feel completely rejuvenated.

I (Ivy) live a very hard life consisting of very draining bird-watching, naps, eating, and of course snuggles with my family. However, it is summer and my favorite human Kinsey is home from college! When I’m is not sleeping and snuggling with Kinsey during the day, I am monitoring her food bowl incase it drops any extra for me at any point in time.

What I love most about Kinsey is that she feels guilty that I don’t have access to food all day, and especially that I am on a diet. This means every time she passes me and I am looking at her with sad eyes next to my bowl, I’m getting extra food. This particular day however, she passed right by me! No extra food? What is happening? Maybe she didn’t see me?

Well, turns out Kinsey got yelled at during my vet trip yesterday about sticking to my diet. While everyone is so concerned about my belly hanging lower than usual… I would look to point out how stunning my coat looks and how manicured my nails look everyday! I say a win is a win. But unfortunately, I think I am going to stick to my diet especially if Kinsey says so.

It is now 5 p.m. FINALLY the food bowl chimes and my dinner drops. What a long day I have had. I prance over to my now full food bowl and crunch away. Kinsey can’t even hear me eating over the sound of my happy purrs.

“Yum (meow)”, I say as I licks up the last couple of crumbs from my dinner. After I drink some water I head upstairs to find Kinsey watching TV. Perfect! Just in time for my post-dinner nap!

The End


Photo Safari

This assignment really challenged me. I decided to do the safari at my house because I figured that there would be enough to look at. Although I got a good amount done, I still struggled with some of the pictures that required some extra creativity… which I need to work on in the future. The one I could say was the most interesting was the photo I took of the siding of our house. I was looking all around the yard to find some patterns, only to look up and realize that it was right there the whole time! Additionally, I thought it would be funny to take a photo of my mom’s plant that she has in a mug just because usually those two things aren’t put together. Overall, I definitely played it safe with most of the photos and looking back I wish I was a little more adventurous instead of so safe with the rules.

Start time.

A photo in bright light.

A photo dominated by a single color.

A photo at an unusual angle.

A photo that represents joy.

A picture of someone else’s shoe.

A photo of an interesting shadow.

A photo that shows two things that do not belong together.

A photo of a repeating pattern.

A photo that is looking into an opening to something.

End time.


Mixing 2 Worlds (3 stars)

I saw this option and knew immediately that I was going to put my cat somewhere she doesn’t belong. I chose paddle boarding because… 1) my cat hates water… and 2) I love paddle boarding. I love the irony in this photo and I hate to admit that it is my new phone home screen.


Concert You Want To Be At (2 stars)

While Tyler Childers takes up about 30% of my playlists… Coldplay takes up the 70%. I have an emotional attachment to just about every song that they have written. When I was growing up, my Bubbe used to play Coldplay on her piano and ever since then I cannot get enough of their music. So naturally when I saw this was an option I RAN to find a picture of Chris Martin jumping so that I could edit myself in too!!


My Favorite Lyrics (2 stars)

This one was my favorite to make. I love nothing more than an excuse to tell everyone about my love for Tyler Childers. The song I chose for this is called “Shake The Frost”, it is a country song but not the kind that makes you think of men wearing Don’t Tread On Me t-shirts with mullets, but more so the kind that makes you want to prance around the backyard watching the sunset with your best friends.

Uncategorized Visual

Playlist Poetry (3 stars)

This was actually really fun to make, and conveniently I liked all of the songs on the playlist so I will definitely be listening to it. I went online and looked up a few quotes and picked out my favorite and decided to use that to inspire my “poetry”.


Summary: Becoming A Better Photographer

I found the “20 Ways to Make Better Photographs” very useful because photography is definitely not a skill that comes naturally for me. I am glad that I read these points before I completed the rest of the activities for this week because they were very beneficial. It has not been until recently that I have been able to put together an aesthetic Instagram story for my followers. With that being said, there was not a single bullet point on the list that I did not find useful. I think something that comes with a lot of practice is getting pickier and switching up the perspective, which is highlighted on the list. When taking photos in the past it was more for entertainment than it was purposeful, and I think this could really elevate the quality of the photos that I am taking. Another worry for me is having a lack of creativity in my photos which also comes hand in hand with starting with a good structure to my photos. Some of the details including lighting, depth, contrast, and exposure are things that are extremely important when taking pictures that I need to work on perfecting. Something I didn’t realize was the different levels of motion, light, and mobility of the camera had to do with making sure the photo has the correct exposure. There have only been a few instances where I have actually been using a real camera to take photos, because I usually snap pictures on my phone. One of the few occasions that I did use a camera for was when I was taking action shots of a horseback riding competition that I went to. I am thinking back to how much better my photos could’ve been if only I had known these tricks.

In addition to the “20 Ways to Make Better Photographers”, I watched the “How Photography Connects Us” TedTalk by David Griffin. One thing that stuck out to me was in the beginning of his talk when he was explaining the “Your Shot” addition to the National Geographic website. David Griffin explained that many of the photos on there are extraordinary, but the problem is that some of the photographers had 1 to 2 really great photos but you need to have more than just a few to be consider a good photographer and you have to be able to tell a story. Thinking about photos like a story really changed my perspective and will hopefully give me some inspiration in the future, specifically in this class.

So… after reading and watching these videos, I was able to figure out that nothing about my photography is necessarily bad I am just lacking some of the details and additional skills that are necessary to really succeed with my photography. I am hoping that with the exercises for this week I can really improve!