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Sound Summary

In summary, I enjoyed this week but I do not think it was my best work. After reflecting on my assignments I think it is safe to say I excel in other aspects in the digital world. What I learned the most in this assignment was Audacity. I struggled and I also succeeded, but I had to use lots of resources to figure out how to work through thinks smoothly and was definitely a time consuming activity. What was surprisingly hard was finding the audios to use when making my mashup. I was fearful that i would be copyrighting the music, so I had to jump through a few hoops to get it. The easiest part for me was the write-ups for each and using SoundCloud to publish my audios. As I said before, Audacity was definitely the the part that drove me crazy just because of the length of time it took to figure out what was going on and then realizing that it was not that hard to begin with. What I enjoyed the most about this was creating the song. I had such a blast playing around with all of the different beats and making something my own that was unique to me.


Song Mashup

Because I had such good luck with my song I made before this, I decided that I would make a mashup. However, using Audacity was very difficult compared to the application I used to make the song. I actually watched a tutorial on how to make a good mashup but I think I could have done a little better. One of the hardest parts for me was matching the speed of each song that I used. I picked Diamonds by Rihanna and Yellow by Coldplay, which I picked for specific reasons that I will explain below. I watched a tutorial on how to properly match the tempos and pitches of the songs by after playing around with it I was able to fix some parts, but I think in a way these 2 songs just should not be mixed. There is no doubt about the fact that this song is harsh on the ears and extremely unsettling but the skills that I learned to use are more valuable than the mess I have created here.

Not necessarily a song I would pick to play for my friends….

I picked the song Yellow because it holds a lot of meaning to me. As I am sure you know by now, I love Coldplay. I was with my grandma the first time that I heard their music, because she is a huge fan. Yellow was a song that we used to sing together while she played it on piano. I also tried to use the song Clocks by Coldplay, but the tempo did not workout either. When I picked this song I thought I could do it justice by being mixed with beautiful vocals by Rihanna.

I picked Diamonds because the lyrics and the tempo are so versatile. Diamonds is one of my favorite songs to blare in the car and sing along to and I am extremely familiar with the lyrics. I thought that this song would mix well with the piano and slower beat that is present in the instrumental version of Yellow by Coldplay. I tried my best to pick two songs that I am extremely familiar with because I thought that familiarity would help when it came time to mix these two songs together.

Although I was wrong about the song itself, I was able to make myself familiar with the process of using Audacity to help myself in the future.


Making A Song

Luckily, I had practice with this one during one of the daily creates during the first week of class. I fine tuned some of the audio in the song I created named “Jackson’s Beat”. I named it after my nephew because every time he hears this song he cannot help but dance, and it makes me super happy. Whenever we are in the car together or he feels like dancing we will turn it on for him… and apparently his friends love it too!

My favorite genre of music this summer is house, which is similar to dance music. The house music vibe is what I really wanted to to capture in this song, and maybe even add it to my playlist for this summer. After fine tuning and tweaking this song, I was not able to get it exactly how I wanted it but it made me feel good that Jackson got a kick out of it. I also had to go easy on myself, because it was the first song that I had ever made.

I had a blast making the song and finding different beats to add and when to add them in, fading the beginning and end of the song, and creating the main sounds. It took me probably close to an hour to pick what instruments and beats to add, and memorize how I wanted them to go and what order they would play in. Overall, the creative process was very enjoyable and allowed me to build something of my own that was unique to me. Since I have had it on Soundcloud it has accumulated 2 likes, 2 reposts, and 18 listens, and that feels really good! I will definitely be playing around with song making in the future.


A Day In The Life

A typical day in the life looks pretty boring these days. I am trying my best to really soak in all of the relaxation that I can before school starts this fall. My working week schedule looks a little something like this….

The first thing I do when I wake up which is not featured in my audio here is snooze approximately 5 alarms before getting up for my 7 a.m. shadowing at the dental office. Once I finally decide to get out of bed, I head into my bathroom to brush my teeth, followed by opening my blinds. Opening the blinds in the morning is something that I have found really makes or breaks my morning. Whether is sunny or rainy, it is nice to just let in a new light after having the room dark for 8 hours. Once I do that, I head down to the kitchen to make a large glass of water. One of my goals this summer is to stay hydrated (which I am extremely bad at). After I make my water, I usually make a bagel with peanut butter and banana. I have been hyper fixated on this breakfast all summer, and I don’t plan on finding a replacement anytime soon!

After choking down my bagel at record speed because I am always rushing in the morning, I head back upstairs to throw on my scrubs and tennis shoes, grab my keys, and head out the door. Once I get to the dental office, I attend the morning meeting which summarizes each patient coming in that day and what procedures they are having done (my favorite part of the day). After the meeting I chat and catch up with all of the employees and we get to work. This summer I am shadowing a general dentist and it has grown my love for dentistry even more than I could have imagined. My hours there usually last from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. When I am all finished up there, I head back to my gym to get in a workout before I head home.

My current gym workout includes a daily 30 minute inclined walk on the treadmill, and either an arm day or leg day following after that. By the time I leave the gym I am STARVING after the day I have had so I arrive home and assist my mom with dinner prep to speed up the process. Once I eat I am ready to shower and get cozy and bed. I usually end my night with a few episodes of Modern Family to unwind. Then I set my alarms and do it all over again!


Modern Love Podcast Summary

I chose this podcast because it is relatable, and I thought it would be informational. It is such a well-produced podcast, from the soothing voice of host Anna Martin to the editing and additional music in the background. This podcast drew me in because the idea of dating and getting know people in an intimate way has transformed completely, especially with the addition of social media and the pressures of trying to fit into society. Sexual orientation has played a huge role in a lack of confidence for people in their twenties looking for love, which is one of the points Anna Martin brought up with guest Denny Agassi. Denny Agassi is a transgender woman that moved to NYC looking to hook-up with the locals and live out her Carrie Bradshaw era.

One of the struggles that Denny Agassi struggled with was that people were embarrassed about using apps to find people in the area to meet up with because they were ashamed of their sexuality. She said that many of the guys would have a black screen as their photo on the app, and would later send a selfie to ensure privacy, and so that nobody could find them on the app. While this is such an awful way for any person to feel, Denny was not bothered by the anonymity that these men had because eventually they would warm up to her and she was only looking for something casual to begin with.

However, very quickly, Denny’s opinion was changed. It was another average match made on the app, black screen and all. His name was Jack, one of the cutest matches Denny had ever had. From the short conversations and texting leading up to their initial meet up, Denny could tell he was different. Jack texted first, and upon entering her apartment for the first time, complimented her décor, inquired about personal things, and made sure that Denny felt respected and comfortable. Denny was used to the complete opposite, and she immediately had feelings for him. She said that being vulnerable with men felt illegal and that it was not accepted and could only do it in the comfortability of her own home.

Denny and Jack continued to grow closer, and someone who was so afraid to be vulnerable was experiencing a true love. This is where the story took an unfortunate turn. Jack slowly phased Denny out, texting only but weeks and months at a time. Denny was officially ghosted.

Being ghosted is the worst feeling ever… no matter who you are or what the situation was. But, Denny really changed my perspective on the idea of being ghosted. Rather than being upset or resenting the Jack, Denny had gratitude for Jack because of the experiences and feelings that he gave to her. I think it is important to always remember that it is ok to learn and grow, while being sad which is the biggest takeaway from this podcast.


Ira Glass Summary

Ira Glass discusses the important concepts of making and creating a story. During this video he discusses important trial and error methods, and emphasizes the importance of learning and growing, especially when reviewing old work that you have created.

What I could relate to the most was when he talked about how hard it is to come up with a creative story. Ira says, “Often the amount of time spent on the story is greater than the time it takes to produce the story”. I can agree with this statement because for me personally, it is harder to come up with all of the details for the story compared to putting it all together once the story is solidified. Another concept that Ira discussed is that a third to a half of stories get killed, meaning that they made it to the process of being produced but the vision was not brought to life. While this seems like a very deterring feeling, Ira says that it gives the creator a chance to bring something new to life. I think this is very important, because when producing something creative the process of trial and error is something that can make your work stand out.

Additionally, Ira states that it takes a while to prefect the work but to fight through that. In Part 3 of his video, he reviews one of his old stories even from when he was a professional. After listening to the story for just a minute, he has tons of corrections and critiques for himself. My biggest takeaways from this part of the video was that practice makes perfect, and even when you have it perfected there is still room for improvement. In conclusion, Ira puts emphasis on the fact that we should be ourselves, our work should be original, and to keep pushing even if your work isn’t what you had envisioned the first time around