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Visual Summary

Overall, I really liked this group of assignments. I was able to learn so much in such a short amount of time. My biggest takeaways definitely came from the “How To Be a Better Photographer” section, primarily because photography is something I need to work on getting better at and it provided me with very useful and valuable skills. The easiest assignment had to have been the star assignments, just because they were so enjoyable. They allowed me to be super creative and the amount of options for different topics you could pick from was nice to have. I also really liked being able to create stuff that was unique to me or was about my hobbies, interests, and just things I love in general. I think the hardest assignment for me was the photo safari, just because the creative aspect of photography is still new to me there were definitely a few of my pictures I wish I did more with. I truly don’t think anything drove me crazy during this weeks assignments, I really enjoyed them all!

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