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Summary: Becoming A Better Photographer

I found the “20 Ways to Make Better Photographs” very useful because photography is definitely not a skill that comes naturally for me. I am glad that I read these points before I completed the rest of the activities for this week because they were very beneficial. It has not been until recently that I have been able to put together an aesthetic Instagram story for my followers. With that being said, there was not a single bullet point on the list that I did not find useful. I think something that comes with a lot of practice is getting pickier and switching up the perspective, which is highlighted on the list. When taking photos in the past it was more for entertainment than it was purposeful, and I think this could really elevate the quality of the photos that I am taking. Another worry for me is having a lack of creativity in my photos which also comes hand in hand with starting with a good structure to my photos. Some of the details including lighting, depth, contrast, and exposure are things that are extremely important when taking pictures that I need to work on perfecting. Something I didn’t realize was the different levels of motion, light, and mobility of the camera had to do with making sure the photo has the correct exposure. There have only been a few instances where I have actually been using a real camera to take photos, because I usually snap pictures on my phone. One of the few occasions that I did use a camera for was when I was taking action shots of a horseback riding competition that I went to. I am thinking back to how much better my photos could’ve been if only I had known these tricks.

In addition to the “20 Ways to Make Better Photographers”, I watched the “How Photography Connects Us” TedTalk by David Griffin. One thing that stuck out to me was in the beginning of his talk when he was explaining the “Your Shot” addition to the National Geographic website. David Griffin explained that many of the photos on there are extraordinary, but the problem is that some of the photographers had 1 to 2 really great photos but you need to have more than just a few to be consider a good photographer and you have to be able to tell a story. Thinking about photos like a story really changed my perspective and will hopefully give me some inspiration in the future, specifically in this class.

So… after reading and watching these videos, I was able to figure out that nothing about my photography is necessarily bad I am just lacking some of the details and additional skills that are necessary to really succeed with my photography. I am hoping that with the exercises for this week I can really improve!

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