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Tell Your Characters Story

Ivy the cat lives a very glamorous life living with her mom, grandma, and grandpa. They live in a house that has plenty of space for Ivy to roam around and plenty of nap spots with sunshine so that she can sunbathe all day. All of her family members are at work all day, so she has full rein of her home while they are gone. This day in the life was filmed on the weekend to show what happens when all of Ivy’s family members are home.

Ivy starts the day by waking up at about 6 a.m. and begging her mom to come downstairs and feed her…. Ivy knows better than to beg because her food is always on time when it drops from her automatic feeder at 8 a.m. After Ivy eats her breakfast, her stomach is way too full so she cozies up in a spot to take a mid-morning nap. As soon as Ivy is in a deep sleep her mom comes down to wake her up from the middle of her nap to give her all sorts of scratches and pets. Once Ivy has woken up from her nap in the morning, she heads to the screened porch to roll around and soak up the sun with her family.

This special day, Ivy got to eat dinner a little earlier and then hangout with her mom for a few extra minutes. Ivy got to be sous chef while her mom cooked up dinner. She got to sit in a kitchen counter stool and help her mom sniff the ingredients to test their quality while they listened to some summer music from her playlist! This was the perfect summer day for Ivy.

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