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Get Ready With Me (4 stars)

Sundays are my reset day this summer. I am working as an assistant at a preschool, shadowing at a dentist office, balancing school work and friends, and trying to keep up my fitness as a D3 athlete. So on Sunday mornings I start off by waking up and taking a long time to check my social media and scroll on TikTok to see what I missed from the night before. I force myself to make my bed, and I head downstairs to have a little breakfast before I finish my morning routine.

After I head upstairs after breakfast I floss, brush my teeth, all of the other essentials to keep myself healthy. Then I pick out something comfortable to workout in and plan what workout I am going to do that day. It was only recently that I decided to actually start using the machines at the gym. I always had a little bit of gym social anxiety so I decided that this summer I was really going to push myself out of my comfort zone.

So to complete the morning routine I pump myself up with my favorite playlist on the car ride to the gym. Todays workout consisted of the 12-3-30 treadmill routine, and then I used some of the machines to work on my arms and back. I tend to switch between core, arms, and legs depending on what I feel like. This routine I have set makes waking up on Monday morning super early all worth it because I feel healthy and rested.

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