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A Day In The Life (2 stars)

This past May/June I took Anatomy at Mary Washington and was staying in one of my friends houses. I happened to make this TikTok to “vlog” what it was like to be up in Fredericksburg during the summer while also studying for Anatomy. My favorite thing to do was pack up my school supplies and head downtown for the morning to take some notes and study.

This day I woke up, made my bed, open the windows to let the sunshine in, and then got dressed to head downtown. After eating my breakfast I walked to Curitiba. Curitiba is my favorite spot in downtown Fredericksburg, it has the best environment to study in and they make the best matcha latte in town. I sat and learned all of the bones for about 2 hours and then walked back home after strolling around town for a little bit to window shop. When I got back home I decided to treat myself to a trip to Marshalls and Target, because retail therapy is a very important part of life.

After I got back from shopping, I laid out my blanket in the backyard and sat out there to study more for Anatomy while using my coloring book to ensure that I knew all of the bones. I put on some of my favorite old classic music and stayed out there for a while in the warmth. Once the sun started setting I headed upstairs to watch the sunset from my window and studied some more!

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