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Sound Summary

In summary, I enjoyed this week but I do not think it was my best work. After reflecting on my assignments I think it is safe to say I excel in other aspects in the digital world. What I learned the most in this assignment was Audacity. I struggled and I also succeeded, but I had to use lots of resources to figure out how to work through thinks smoothly and was definitely a time consuming activity. What was surprisingly hard was finding the audios to use when making my mashup. I was fearful that i would be copyrighting the music, so I had to jump through a few hoops to get it. The easiest part for me was the write-ups for each and using SoundCloud to publish my audios. As I said before, Audacity was definitely the the part that drove me crazy just because of the length of time it took to figure out what was going on and then realizing that it was not that hard to begin with. What I enjoyed the most about this was creating the song. I had such a blast playing around with all of the different beats and making something my own that was unique to me.

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