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Song Mashup

Because I had such good luck with my song I made before this, I decided that I would make a mashup. However, using Audacity was very difficult compared to the application I used to make the song. I actually watched a tutorial on how to make a good mashup but I think I could have done a little better. One of the hardest parts for me was matching the speed of each song that I used. I picked Diamonds by Rihanna and Yellow by Coldplay, which I picked for specific reasons that I will explain below. I watched a tutorial on how to properly match the tempos and pitches of the songs by after playing around with it I was able to fix some parts, but I think in a way these 2 songs just should not be mixed. There is no doubt about the fact that this song is harsh on the ears and extremely unsettling but the skills that I learned to use are more valuable than the mess I have created here.

Not necessarily a song I would pick to play for my friends….

I picked the song Yellow because it holds a lot of meaning to me. As I am sure you know by now, I love Coldplay. I was with my grandma the first time that I heard their music, because she is a huge fan. Yellow was a song that we used to sing together while she played it on piano. I also tried to use the song Clocks by Coldplay, but the tempo did not workout either. When I picked this song I thought I could do it justice by being mixed with beautiful vocals by Rihanna.

I picked Diamonds because the lyrics and the tempo are so versatile. Diamonds is one of my favorite songs to blare in the car and sing along to and I am extremely familiar with the lyrics. I thought that this song would mix well with the piano and slower beat that is present in the instrumental version of Yellow by Coldplay. I tried my best to pick two songs that I am extremely familiar with because I thought that familiarity would help when it came time to mix these two songs together.

Although I was wrong about the song itself, I was able to make myself familiar with the process of using Audacity to help myself in the future.

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