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A Day In The Life

A typical day in the life looks pretty boring these days. I am trying my best to really soak in all of the relaxation that I can before school starts this fall. My working week schedule looks a little something like this….

The first thing I do when I wake up which is not featured in my audio here is snooze approximately 5 alarms before getting up for my 7 a.m. shadowing at the dental office. Once I finally decide to get out of bed, I head into my bathroom to brush my teeth, followed by opening my blinds. Opening the blinds in the morning is something that I have found really makes or breaks my morning. Whether is sunny or rainy, it is nice to just let in a new light after having the room dark for 8 hours. Once I do that, I head down to the kitchen to make a large glass of water. One of my goals this summer is to stay hydrated (which I am extremely bad at). After I make my water, I usually make a bagel with peanut butter and banana. I have been hyper fixated on this breakfast all summer, and I don’t plan on finding a replacement anytime soon!

After choking down my bagel at record speed because I am always rushing in the morning, I head back upstairs to throw on my scrubs and tennis shoes, grab my keys, and head out the door. Once I get to the dental office, I attend the morning meeting which summarizes each patient coming in that day and what procedures they are having done (my favorite part of the day). After the meeting I chat and catch up with all of the employees and we get to work. This summer I am shadowing a general dentist and it has grown my love for dentistry even more than I could have imagined. My hours there usually last from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. When I am all finished up there, I head back to my gym to get in a workout before I head home.

My current gym workout includes a daily 30 minute inclined walk on the treadmill, and either an arm day or leg day following after that. By the time I leave the gym I am STARVING after the day I have had so I arrive home and assist my mom with dinner prep to speed up the process. Once I eat I am ready to shower and get cozy and bed. I usually end my night with a few episodes of Modern Family to unwind. Then I set my alarms and do it all over again!

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