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Vogue Cover

Ever since we were just toddlers at preschool, my best friend Elizabeth and I had the dream to travel to France together to see the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, and all of the iconic spots. We had planned to wake up every morning, get a latte, and people watch before we started our activity packed days. We also promised that we would end every single night by sitting and watching the Eiffel tower glow.

Two years ago we had the opportunity to make our dreams a reality. We could not have been more stoked to go overseas by ourselves and finally have the vacation that we’ve been wanting for years. We arrived and immediately jumped into the taxi and headed for the Eiffel tower. By the time we got there the sun had set and it was GLOWING! We were so excited to finally be in Paris living the dream.

After our first full day of waking up to get a coffee, pastries, and roaming around the Louvre, we packed our bags with snacks and sweets and headed down to the Eiffel tower.

I had Elizabeth take a few pictures of me to put on my Instagram when the craziest thing happened. A photographer named Lara Denova, who is known for his work in France, approached us during our photoshoot to ask if we could pose for a few pictures. Obviously we said yes, and he explained to us that they were doing a cover that featured the Eiffel tower that shows just how beautiful it looks when it glows at night. So that is exactly what we did!

…and that is how I ended up on the cover of Vogue!

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