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Design Summary

I really liked the critical thinking that design brought this week. Design is such an important detail in our lives that we do not pay attention to enough. The design blitz that we did actually made me look in depth at items that I use almost everyday, and was equally the most challenging and easiest part of the design lesson. Luckily, I am someone that buys things based on their appearance so I was aware of most of the items that I wanted to use. Reading Vignelli’s booklet and using all of the different sources to help me put together my own designs and help me during the blitz made me think of design in a new light. I think my biggest takeaway is that design does not always have to be some jam packed, colorful, crazy font design, it just has to be functional and informational. I think that in the world of design sometimes this can be forgotten, and it is something that can make or break the design as a whole, and is something I worked on specifically when doing my design assignments. Overall, the thing I enjoyed most was learning all of the planning that goes into designs and getting an idea about the planning and time it takes to make designs on something so small like a bottle of hand soap or a can of soda.

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