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Design Blitz

For this assignment I stayed inside of my house, mostly because I had all of the products I wanted to use in the back of my mind but also because household items we use everyday are GREAT representations of the different types of designs we see. My designs I pick range from a bottle of shaving cream to a can of Coca-Cola. After reading all of the tips, it is hard to believe the amount of work that goes into such small items just to appeal to the consumer.


This is the packaging that my deodorant comes in. Recently I switched over to natural deodorant and had to find a new brand to pick. Obviously, I picked this one because of the design and color… pink! I think that the use of pink is very appealing and fun to look at. Deodorant is something that we use everyday and it is important that companies are putting out a design that people are willing to look at every morning. Having an aesthetic font and label in addition to the monochrome color design is important for making it appealing to the consumers. The tip I used was taken from “How to Use Color to Enhance Your Design”, and specifically under the category of color meaning. I would say that this packaging incorporates both red tones and warm colors, with a little bit of cool color mixed in. The warm colors/red radiate warmth, energy, happiness, confidence and determination which is all important feelings and emotions that you want to be promoting in a deodorant bottle.

Tip: How To Use Color To Enhance Your Designs


This bottle is my shaving cream, and it is one of the most minimally designed products that I own. By simply putting the title of the product and putting what it is up top allows the consumer to know exactly what they are buying without the hassle of trying to figure out what’s going on. The “white space” as it is called makes it more pleasing to look at because it is less busy. I think one of the hardest parts about design is the feeling that every ounce of space should be filled with something. In this specific scenario the design is flawless with minimal words and information shoved on the sides.

Tip: Creating Minimalist Designs Makes You A Better Designer


I chose to do this Celsius can. Between the flavor name, typography, and the movement shown by the images on the can, it is very aesthetically pleasing. The name fantasy vibe is also reinforced by the palm trees, clouds, and sun that make the can have a warm feel. The patterns repeat throughout the can and adds to the rhythm of the drink as a whole. Another important aspect to notice is the smaller size of the shapes that surround the can and they are smaller than the title of the drink, to not distract.

Tip: Write Design Online: Rhythm


Of course I chose the Coca-Cola can we had in the fridge. To me, this is the most iconic example of typography used to benefit the company. I am sure that most people in the world can identify the logo and font as Coca-Cola. The font matches the purpose and aesthetic that is desired for a can of soda and is not too overbearing or hard to read. While this font is still “pretty” it is still easy for anyone to recognize and read.

Tip: What is good typography?

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